Tuesday, April 5, 2022

.5 more cents about Reiner Knizia

 I recently commented on how Reiner Knizia slipped off the top 100 games and how Tigris and Euphrates then climbed back up. Probably due to the uproar of it falling off the top 100.

Which reminded me that, while I greatly respect Tigris and Euphrates, it’s not my favorite Knizia game. That would be Ingenious. Which, to be fair, uses the same scoring system that Knizia used oin Tigris and Euphrates.

As I thought about it, I realized that there are a lot of Knizia games I would rather play than Tigris and Euphrates. Off the top of my head, they include Ra, Through the Desert, Modern Art, Money, Lost Cities, Samurai, Blue Moon City and High Society. The list is actually keeps on going but you get the idea.

There are two things I noticed about these games. One, almost all of them are a lot shorter than Tigris and Euphrates. Right now, forty-five minutes is my idea of a long game :D 

The other is that these are all older Knizia games.  Which ties back into having a limited time budget. 

That said, I bet I’d enjoy his newer stuff.

Post script:

I also realized that Money, High Society, and Through the Desert have all been go to games for me to take to conventions and other gaming events. Short, easy to teach and almost always engaging enough that people want multiple plays. I’ve seen other folks use Modern Art and Samurai in the same way. Knizia has a knack for making very accessible games. (Although Stefan Dora’s For Sale is the absolute best game I’ve found for this)

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