Friday, April 1, 2022

My March PnP

Time to write about my PnP projects from March. This is what I made made last month:

Bury Me in the Rift

Apex Barrel (2021 9-Card Characters) 

Stunt Kites

Ceramicus (2022 9-Card Contest)

Pocket Aquarium 

My ‘big’ projects for the month were Stunt Kites and Pocket Aquarium. At 18 cards each, they were tied for size. I bought both of them from PnP Arcade. I have to admit that the themes were what got me interested in both of them.

I have had Bury Me in the Rift (original nine card version) and Apex Barrel printed out for months. I just wanted to clear them out. And Ceramicus just looked cute.

My spare time is now at a point where I have to manage it carefully to get in crafting time. I am glad with how my life has become busy. At the same time, taking a little time each month to craft is emotionally and mentally rewarding.

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