Monday, July 11, 2022

Travel? Better pack some games!

For the first time since the initial lockdown, I’m going to be doing some honest to goodness long distance traveling. 

And, while things like wardrobe and making sure my tablet has several hours worth of Disney to keep our son occupied on the plane, that also means packing some games. Because traveling without games is like traveling without books. 

And I’m not going to be going to any conventions or gaming events or even planning on specifically seeing any gaming buddies. So games are going to be a tiny percentage of stuff packed and they will be focused on solitaire games.

I am mentally breaking my packing into three categories:

PnP In Hand Games. Since I keep a copy of Down and Flipword in my wallet, it’s not like I ever leave the house without some. But between potentially minimal time and minimum space for gaming, those are the games I’m most likely to actually play. 

Pack O Game games. I don’t know if I’m going to play any multiplayer games but packing two or three of those is the best return of minimal space  for maximum gaming. (HUE, LIE and GEM are what made the cut. The first two are very solid and very easy to teach while GEM is a strong game with a ‘full size’ feel)

Both of those are tried and true options for me. I don’t think I’ve left the state without a Pack O Game since they came out. But I think I’m going to add a third category: date-stamp-and-write games.

I’m planning on printing out some Tempus Quest and Tempus Infinitum sheets. I don’t need any dice, just my watch and pencil to play them. That’s about as minimal as you can get before you reach charades. And solitaire charades is about as boring as solitaire hide-and-seek. I have a feeling those will be my plane activity.

Honestly, everything I’m taking could fit into a coat pocket. If I was traveling with gaming my mind, I’d have a much bigger library. But this covers what I’ll need.

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