Friday, July 22, 2022

Visiting games in storage

During my travels, I got a chance to look at games that I had put into storage at my parents’ house. Honestly, our move to Arizona had been so crazy, I was shocked to learn years later that I had actually done that.

I went more carefully through the fifty or so games in storage. Here are some thoughts. 

First of all, I can tell why most of these games went into storage. The vast majority of the games are longer games, at least by my standards. Games I knew I wouldn’t have the time for with a newborn. Two to six hours. Since 45 minutes is my current golden time for games, I still don’t have that time lol.

Second, there are games I thought I had gotten rid of that were just in storage. Games I’m glad I still own. Games I want to play again. I was shocked to learn I still own Wallamoppi, a dexterity game where the novelty is good enough to justify the game.

And third, I was surprised to find ten or so light war games that fit the Ameritrash category there were. (Is that term even used anymore?) It has been a very long time since I last played a game like Risk 2210 or Monsters Menace America but they are a definite part of my gaming history. And I’m glad I’ve still got some serious Beer and Pretzel games.

The games are going to stay in storage but it was cool to see them, remember them and catalog them.

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