Monday, September 12, 2022

I Spy beats the games I packed

On a recent camping trip, I packed A Fistful of Penguins and a deck of cards for surface friendly and weather friendly games. (The cute penguin theme of a Fistful of Penguins and all the components being waterproof made it beat out  Pickomino and Easy Come, Easy Go. The latter still tempted me because you don’t need a score pad. And, really, you should just take a deck of cards on any trip)

So what did we end up playing? I Spy. Admittedly, the wilderness did give us a whole new variety of things to spy and it kept our eight-year-old engaged for a surprisingly long time.

I usually describe Charades as as minimal as you can get but I Spy doesn’t even require movement or forming teams.  And it’s educational between giving limited spelling lessons and making observations about the immediate environment.

So, it may have been a loss for my packing but it was still a win for gaming.

(I did log my hundredth play of Sagrada on my phone while in the mountains. Which really only is a fun tidbit because I did it while camping)

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