Thursday, September 1, 2022

My August PnP

After having done almost no PnP crafting in July, I was busier in August.

Project list:


What Lies Beneath

The Great micro Game

Wheat & Ale

Winnie-the-Pooh in the Honey Heist 

Fishing Lessons (demo)

Autumn (two and three player)

Food Chain Island (demo)

My ‘big’ project for August was the demo for Fishing Lessons, the fourth and latest game in Scott Almes Simply Sollo series. It’s very solid and might even knock Food Chain Island from its position of my favorite game in the series.

I made extra copies of Autumn and Food Chain Island so I could have travel copies that could live permanently in my work bag. Both games have proven worth being handy. (Making a copy of the final version of Food Chain Island and the expansions that have come out is on the short list)

I also spent a fair bit of time getting other projects started, printing and cutting and laminating. I have a feeling that free time is going to be even  tighter for the rest of the year so I wanted to be able to set things up so I could still get projects done each month.

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