Wednesday, February 1, 2023

My January PnP

 January wasn’t a crazy month for PnP crafting for me. However, I did get a few things done:

Count of Nine Estates
Labyrinth Runner (low ink)
King of the Gauntlet (final contest version)

Count of Nine Eatstes was my ‘big project’ for the month. I quite like the original Count of Nine design. I think it does a really good job being a ‘Euro’ style game with nine cards and no other components. However, only nine cards made gameplay repetitive. I am curious to see how the expanded version game plays.

I normally order Amazon basic laminating pouches but they were out of stock so I ordered some Nuova ones. I made Palatial and Labyrinth Runner to see if there was any difference between the brands. (I also wore out my last set of Labyrinth Runner cards)

Despite both heing 3 millimeter pouches, I feel like Nuova’s pouches feel a little thinner, making the cards feel more bendy. I still don’t know if they could handle a riffle shuffle but I would be reluctant to do that with double-layered modge podged cards. 

Honestly, I use a black-and-white printer, copy paper, and a laminator to make my print-and-play projects. I make cheap, disposable copies. I get a good return for my material cost investment There isn’t a meaningful or particularly functional difference between the two laminating pouches.

Oh, and I made King of the Gauntlet just because I had printed and cut it months ago lol

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