Friday, March 3, 2023

My February Gaming

I feel like February, from a gaming standpoint, was almost housekeeping for me. A good chunk of the games I learned were Roll and Writes that I’d thought about learning during Dicember.

I learned :
Haunt the Block
Sudoku Rush
Tricky Treats 
Shifting Stones
Baby Dinosaur Rescue

inTENse, Haunt the Block, Sudoku Rush and Tricky Treats were games on my short list for observing Dicember. And I was not going to wait eleven months to try them lol I’ll definitely play more Tricky Treats and Sudoku Rush is quite likely to come out again. 

Worder, while a decent enough word game, interests me as a word game that I think I can finally make work in the classroom. I feel like it was designed with a whiteboard in mind.

Near the end of the month, I poked at Board Game Arena. Shifting Stones is a game I want to revisit until I see the ‘aha’ moments. While I see why and how Baby Dinosaur Descue works as a toddler game, I have no idea why it’s on BGA, not a place four-year-olds game. Unless they do and I don’t know if.

More gaming than I expected, really.

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