Wednesday, March 1, 2023

My February PnP


There was one day in February where I sat down and said: I am crafting. That included projects that had been 3/4 done and new projects. Get enough done to feel caught up. (You know, caught up on something that no one is holding me accountable for and I have stacks of completed projects I haven’t played)

This is what I made:

At the Helm
/Lazzarette expansion
/Port Almalga expansion 
Labyrinth Runner 
Easy Come, Easy Go (low ink Star Wars version)
Spell Write
White Rabbit Dice Solitaire (one card rules)
Fire Pot (one card game)
Criss Cross
Wreck and Write
13 Sheep
Catan Dice
Raiders of the Idle Marsh (2022 Solitaire Contest)

My ‘big’ project was At the Helm with its first two expansions.(I won’t be surprised if there are more expansions down the line) I now have to find the time to play it but it looks very interesting. Worder was actually part of that decision since I was looking at my Button Shy files.

I had printed and laminated Raiders of the Idle Marsh a while back but hadn’t found the time to prioritize trimming it over other projects. A lot of the of smaller projects were actually me using the extra space on the laminating folders so they didn’t go to waste (But I did actually want to make Fire Pot since I like hot pot restaurants lol)

I didn’t remember laminating the fan made Star Wars Easy Come, Easy Go. I don’t actually have a use for it. I have a copy of the published game and using regular dice as 0-5 dice isn’t very intuitive. But I was trying to clear some backlog.

I don’t know if I will have another day like that in March. For one thing, I need to actually play some of this stuff!

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