Monday, April 3, 2023

My March Gaming

 I actually learned a decent number of games during March in a variety of ways.

I learned:

Spell Write



Potato Tomato Carrot 

At The Helm

Go Goa


Ticket to Ride New York

Some of them were solitaires I learned with analog copies. A number of them I learned online. Mostly through Board Game Arena but not only through it. And I got to try out Ticket to Ride New York with another person. (That’d be my wife. And it was much better than I expected but that’s another blog)

I’ve been trying to learn at least one Roll and Write a month for… wow, a couple years now. Spell Write and Go Goa checked that box for me. Of the two, Go Goa is seeing more play.

Every once in a while, I start looking for new games to learn online. The mood just has to strike me. Board Game Arena has been good for that but that wasn’t the only place I looked.

I have found that online games are heavier for me than their analog counterparts. Being removed from the components and other players just makes more work for my brain. That might just be me.

Yet, I have also found that I’m more willing to replay games that I wouldn’t replay as much analog due to the physical convenience of online play. Yes, the ability to make a move on my phone anytime and anywhere makes up for  the mental disconnection.

Amusingly, my happiest online discovery was for a game I’ve been playing off and on for years, a site I hadn’t seen before for Black Box. It only takes a few minutes to play at most but it still makes me think.

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