Sunday, April 2, 2023

My March PnP

March. Not a bad month for me for print and play. Most of my crafting was during one day of crafting binging.

This is what I made:

Potato Tomato Carrot 

Quests Over Coffee - base and Night Carnival

Island Alone (base map)


Rory Story Cubes adjective cards

Naturopolis (demo version)

My ‘big’ project was Quests Over Coffee and its first expansion. I made the first expansion too to help bulk up my options.  I haven’t actually played it yet and I am curious to see how much it’s dumb luck and how much of it is my own choices. The number of expansions it’s had goes a long way towards my interest in it. 

I haven’t had a chance to play Island Alone yet. However, there is so much content for the game, even before I try out the expansions, that it’s ridiculous. I also think the adjective cards will give me an excuse to pull Rory’s Story Cubes back out.

I have a feeling using a grayscale of the demo version of Naturapolis is going to be so frustrating that I’ll be making a proper version with the final textures. I’m normally all about low ink versions but sometimes, you need more.

I know April will be tougher to find time to craft but I’ve tried to do a lot of prep work so some crafting gets to happen .

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