Monday, July 10, 2023

Cow Tiger Santa Claus strikes out for me again

As I’ve mentioned, I made a copy of Cow, Tiger, Santa Claus in preparation for driving across the country. And I actually remembered the deck and dealt out a three-card hand on a couple days of the trip.

And I have to say I wasn’t able to actually score any cards during our trip!

To be fair, I did see things that were on cards I hadn’t drawn. Like the cows that are in the actual name of the game. I would have thought highway driving, with all the billboards involved, would have worked well but it didn’t.

Cow, Tiger, Santa Claus takes the idea of Road Bingo and turns it into a deck of fifteen cards. There are three levels of difficulty with fife cards each. Randomly draw a card from each level and get to looking.

My initial plays of it were in desert scrubland so I wasn’t surprised it didn’t go well. I had been hoping to pass interesting trucks since I knew that would be the only way I’d see any of the cards.

I’m playing the game in the United States and I wonder how well it would work in other countries. I also wonder where the game was developed. (Part of me imagines it was in the Wisconsin Dells lol)

Despite having had every game I’ve played of Cow, Tiger, Santa Claus fizzle, I do like it and tje idea of it. I don’t really think of it as a game but a reason to look around and pay attention.

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