Saturday, July 1, 2023

My June PnP

We spent June packing up our home. And purging all the detritus that we let accumulate :) So I didn’t have much time for making Print and play games.

I made: 

Cow, Tiger, Santa Claus
Death Valley with Panamint City expansion 

We will driving across the country so making a copy of Cow, Tiger, Santa Claus just felt natural. I made a copy when it first came out but I’ve gotten better at making PnP stuff. It wasn’t the best while driving through desert scrublans but I’m curious to see how it plays in other biomes.

I enjoyed the demo version of Deatj Valley. Seriously, it’s a game I feel I should play more. So, naturally the final version with the expansion was on the short list.
And while Dearh Valley isn’t in Arizona (it’s in California and Nevada), it does seem fitting for my last project in Arizona.

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