Friday, August 4, 2023

Is Radoslaw Ignatow the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of PnP?

I dug Radoslaw Ignatow before it was cool :P

I knew his Space Alone Kickstarter was going to do well but I didn’t expect it to get so much wider attention.

It reminds me of reading indie comics in the early 80s and discussing how hard it would be to make a rhyming theme song if they ever made a cartoon of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (In our defense, the theme song didn’t end up rhyming :D And, yes, I’m glad Cerebus never became a children’s cartoons. And don’t tell me they wouldn't have if Sims had been willing. They made a cartoon of Robocop)

Seriously, I’ve followed Ignatow since his first Kickstarter, the LOT of Games bundle. And, frankly, I think he is brilliant at designing Roll and Writes and applying them as PnPs. And he’s been steadily getting better.

I knew that Island Alone had brought him a lot more attention but the fact that Space Alone has gotten up to the number two slot on BGG’s hotness is kind of amazing. 

No, we don’t know how long we will stay there. And you can’t say that it _really_ means anything. (Hands up for everyone who remember when Monkey Auto Race managed to become the number one game on BGG as a mass practical joke in 2007? No one? Man, I feel old)

Still, that’s exposure that justt almost no PnP games get. (I am old enough remember how Zombie in My Pocket was the happy pipe bomb that the community never saw coming) And given Ignatov’s past work, I think the finished product will make plenty of people happy.

It doesn’t hurt that R&Ws can be some of the easier PnP projects to construct. You usually don’t have to worry about making cards or tiles or chits. (Exceptions do exist, particularly the card part) 

I’m not expecting Space Alone to boost the overal presence of PnP games. (Which have been doing steadily better anyway) But it would be fun if it did.

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