Wednesday, August 2, 2023

My July Gaming

With our move and all, I had very low expectations for learning games in July. With that said, I exceeded my expectations.

I learned:

Jump Drive
Disney: Eye Found It! Hidden Picture Card Game
Rustling Leaves

I’ll be honest, I was only figuring I’d learn Restaurantrepreneur in July. 

Jump Drive was something I tried out of curiosity on Board Game Arena. My initial impressions were meh but the solitaire campaigns made Jump Drive addictive to me.

The Eye Found It game was packed as a hotel game. It was better than I expected and the quality of art was solid. However, Dobble/Spot It is vastly superior on almost every single level. Eye Found It is an okay kids game. Spot It is a great game for all ages.

I intentionally packed Restaurantrepreneur in my travel folder to make sure I learned a new Roll and Write game. Honestly, it made me feel like I was playing a family weight board game, the kind of game that got me hooked on designer games. In general, I have found that Dark Imp’s playmat games are hidden gems.

I’ve been meaning to get the Rustling Leaves app for what seems like forever. And now that I have, it was totally worth it. Lots of interesting choices in each map. And, if you don’t play a lot of Roll and Writes, drawing boxes rather than symbols or Tetris shapes might not be a big change but if you plays tons of them, it is lol.

I have no idea what August will be like. July, with three games that I really liked, July was good.

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