Monday, September 4, 2023

My August Gaming

August was a busy month but I helped keep myself calm with Roll and Writes.

I learned:

One Card Maze  0-2 (2023 One Card Contest)
Flyswatter (2023 One Card Contest)
The Flea and the Circus (2023 One Card Contest)
Honeycomb Caverns
Railroad Ink
Star Maps

Five of the seven games are Roll and Writes. Yes, that includes one of the one card games, The Flea and the Circus. And, while Railroad Ink and Star Maps as a whole campaign might be in the hinterlands of the definition, all these games fall into the coffee break camp as opposed to, um, game night games.

This is our first full month after moving across the country and I wasn’t sure how gaming would fit in with our new lives. Well, it looks like Roll and Write games continue to be part of my decompression regiment.

As for the games themselves, Railroad Ink was the best of the lot but I pretty much expected that. It has a pretty solid reputation. The game that surprised me the most was Splitter. I honestly expected it to be terrible but I had fun with it.

I don’t know what the future holds but August indicates it will include Roll and Writes.

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