Friday, September 1, 2023

My August PnP

August, as predicted and as honestly is usually the case, was a busy month without much time for making PnP projects. Truth to tell, I did all my PnP crafting on August 1 to make sure I got some in and, indeed, that was all I did. Still, it was a good time.

I made:

One Card Maze  0-2 (2023 One Card Contest)
Flyswatter (2023 One Card Contest)
The Flea and the Circus (2023 One Card Contest)
Chrono Caverns (2023 One Card Contest)
Ancient Realms (demo)

My ‘big’ project for August was the demo version of Ancient Realms. I backed it and have the final version with the first expansion but I printed out the demo months ago so I made that.

I made some games from this year’s One Card Contest really so I could make something from start to finish in one sitting. I also tried out most of those games. None of them were memorable but none of them were terrible either. Of course, being terrible can make games memorable lol

I actually spent more time in August printing out roll and writes and putting them in file protectors. (I don’t consider a R&W a PnP project  unless I laminate it m, making it a more permanent artifact)

And if I only craft one day in September, that’s okay if it’s a good day.

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