Monday, November 20, 2023

Tiny Stories Play Through

 Tiny Stories v1

11/5/23 play through

Bernard is a hard boiled detective who also happens to be a six-foot tall bipedal mouse. He always dresses like Sherlock Holmes. He is quite partial to Angel food cake.

More than anything else, he wants to have a classic parlor scene. You know, where you gather all the suspects in one place and explain who done it. Unfortunately, his city  of New Durham has been invaded by giant, three-headed lizards. The desperate struggle for survival takes precedent over cozy mysteries.

The lizards have recently developed or revealed their ability to breathe fire. The entire neighborhood where Bernard’s office is is in fire. The people he knows and deals with on a day to day basis are in danger. If Bernard doesn’t do something, people are going to die.

Bernard was going over his latest case files in his office with a mug of hot chocolate when he noticed the room was on fire. Mrs. Kadence and her daughters were screaming in terror on the floor below.

Well, we can’t have that.

Noting that the hallway was nothing but a wall of flames, Bernard knew he had to stomp on that loose floorboard to break a hole in the floor to reach Mrs Kadence and her family and then use his trusy crowbar to break open the window the landlord had painted shut and go down the fire escape.

Roll - a completely unexpected result happens!

Smashing the loose board broke a sygil that a Wizard had carved on the other side back in the early 1950s. That released a giant, dimorphous dragon. The dragon used its vast, circular wings to carry everyone in the burning building to the lake countries three counties over. 

Well, this wasn’t what Bernard saw coming.
He was annoyed while everyone else milled around, confused.

And judging by the newspaper articles he had read, Bernard knew they were safe from the giant three-headed lizards, they now had to worry about the cyborg land octopuses that had taken over the lake country.

While Bernard and his neighbors no longer had to worry about being in a burning building, they did have a legion of cyborg land octopuses coming for them on their electro hovercrafts.

But, if Bernard threw the cricket ball he had in his pocket at just the right place, he could create an avalanche that would distract the cyborg land octopuses long enough for him to lead the group into the caverns below the lake country, to the land of the naked mole rat people where they would be safe.

Roll - The action fails but opens a new opportunity 

While Bernard completely failed to cause an avalanche, his action revealed that the cyborg land octopuses were abject cricket lovers. They immediately set up wickets and the refugees from New Durham played against the cyborg land octopuses.

Two weeks later, they finished the game. By then, everyone was fast friends and the naked mole rat men had shown up to cater the event. The cyborg land octopuses were now eager to help defeat the three-headed giant lizards who could breathe fire so a proper cricket league could be formed.

All in all, Bernard was happy with this outcome. Still, he longed for a simple murder to solve.

The End

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