Monday, March 4, 2024

My February Gaming

In February, I learned Aquamarine, Tape Jam and Apropos of Board Games.

And, I’m going to be honest, Aquamarine is the big deal for me. Oh, I’ll play the other two games now and then but Aquamarine is the game that I can see myself  regularly playing.

Truth to, while I like Postmark Games Vouages better, I  find Aquamarine easier to play after a long day. It is so simple and intuitive but also has such a good decision tree. It’s very chill.

And my plan in March is to learn Waypoints. After Voyages and Aquamarine, I have very high expectations for it. And even if I hate Waypoijts, Postmark Games has done me well regardless. I feel like I have been an unpaid advertiser for Postmark Gamea this year lol

All that said, I would mind learning a greater number of games in March.

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