Friday, March 1, 2024

My February PnP

 While February was busy like life tends to be, I was able to plan ahead enough to make some PnP projects. I made:

Tape Jam  
assorted One Card Mazes
Aquamarine (maps 1-4)
Apropos of Boars Games

Tape Jam was my ‘big’ project for the month. It’s a game that feels like the epitome of a traditional solitaire game but, despite an amusing theme, doesn’t rise above that. Which still is enough to get an occasional play. 

Because there are a lot of One Card Mazes and each one is, well, one card, they are good for filling in extra space in a laminating sleeve. I have a feeling I’ll be regularly making one or two, just to make better use of my materials. And they do see use.

However, the definite highlight was Aquamarine. Yes, it just meant laminating some play sheets but the game has really proven to be rewarding. Those sheets will get used.

Not bad for a busy month.

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