Wednesday, April 3, 2024

My March Gaming

 While I didn’t learn a lot of new games in March, I did learn a couple of games that I had been planning on learning for a while.

Waypoints, the third but hopefully not final Roll and Write from Postmark Games, was the one game that I wanted to make sure I learned in March. Voyages, Aquamarine and Waypoints are brilliant and accessible. I am going to try out the Battle Card series to make a complete sweet of their catalog but that is a different category of game. (I have played the Market Garden map but that predates the publication)

Honestly, I can see spending more time trying out all the maps of those three games in April than learning new games.

I also _finally_ played Island Alone. I’ve been enjoying Radoslaw Ignatow’s games for years. However, Island Allone js where he took the jump from one page games to game systems. Another game I hope to spend some real time exploring.

I also learned Golem Needs Pie and Blokus Junior. Golem is very flawed but will probably still see more play. Blokus Junior isn’t the best Blokus game but Blokus is a family that is always good.

I do plan on learning a new game or two in April but I may focus more on exploring games I already know.

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