Monday, April 1, 2024

My March PnP

 March was an interesting month for Print and Play crafting for me. Because everything I made that wasn’t laminating a Roll and Write sheet was something I’d made before lol

Here’s what I made:

Waypoints (maps 1-3)

Aquamarine (map 1, fan map tomb diver)

What’s Kraken

Apropos of Movies


River Mild + expansion

One Card Mazes - Preview

I had already made a copy of Apropos of Movies and I’ve actually made several copies of FlipWord and given most of them away. (In fact, I may have only given away more copies of Elevens for One and FlipWord may have beaten it by now) However, I wanted copies that would live in my teacher bag. Not just for lunch breaks but because they have classroom potential.

And I hadn’t actually realized that River Mild was just a retheme of River Wild when I bought the files. The sad thing is, I use the a black and white printer so the change in colors, particularly to my colorblind eyes, just isn’t there. But I do appreciate the more naturalist re-theme and I do like the game, even though I think Insurmountable is far better.

But the real gem of March for me is Waypoints. Seriously, the three Roll and Writes games that Postmark Games have given to the universe are phenomenal. Waypoints is my least favorite but that’s like saying it’s my least favorite chocolate. It’s still so good!

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