Friday, May 3, 2024

My April Gaming

 The only new-to-me game I learned in April was What's Kraken.

Which, to be honest, wasn't a bad game if I only had the game space to only learn one. While not a brilliant Roll and Write (a description that I would use to describe games like Voyages or Island Alone or others), it uses well worn mechanics in an enjoyable way.

Honestly, what I had hoped to do in April was try out maps and scenarios I hadn't tried yet in games that I like. That sadly didn't happen but there's always May.

Frankly, as long as I get a single new game in, I feel like I have accomplished my gamer identity without going overboard. One learning experience is enough to balance things out since there's so much other life to take care of.

And Roll and Writes continue to help make that balance work for me. Easy to make and constrained in their space. I've written a lot about Roll and Writes over the years and, the odds are, if I learn only one game, it will be a Roll and Write.

What's Kraken has a sequel, Ghost Captain. Perhaps that is what I'll learn in May.

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