Saturday, June 1, 2024

My May PnP

 May ended up busier PnP crafting month than I had expected. I made:

What’s Kraken: Ghost Captain

Food Chain Island (demo version)

Rally J

13 Sheep

Hello Autumn (Creative Kids collection)


One Card Mazes

Explosion in the Laboratory 

Every time I can’t find my travel copy of Food Chain Island, I just make another one. No regrets. And One Card Mazes continues to be my way of filling in extra space on laminating sleeves. And they’re a great way to do that :)

Explosion in the Laboratory ended up getting added to the queue because I try and make a ‘larger’ game every month and I couldn’t justify Rally J as that game. That said, it’s been a game that was already in the broader queue and I think it’ll be good.

But, in many ways, my actual big project was making classroom copies of Hello Autumn, 13 Sheep and Blankout. All super easy builds but I had to make enough for group play. I didn’t end up actually using Hello Autumn but I’m glad I made them, just in case.

Honestly, I’m already gearing up for June.

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