Friday, June 28, 2024

Button Shy and playtesting

 Perhaps the biggest highlight of my June gaming was being part of the play testing group for Casinopolis.

As I understand it, I am allowed to discuss the game. I am just not allowed to give out the files. However, in order to be safe and courteous, all I will say is that it is definitely part of the greater Sprawlopolis family but is mechanically distinct as well. And jolly god fun.

(I do plan on posting a proper review when the game gets kickstarted)

This was not my first rodeo play testing a game but it was my first time play testing with Button Shy. And I am definitely planning on continuing to participate in their program.

Part of that is because I’m going to be buying these games anyways so it’s fun to both get a preview and contribute. A way to give back. The community is also quite nice, but I have had good luck with nice board gaming communities, on and off line. (When I first began my transition from only RPGs to board games too, I was amazed at how much friendlier I found board gamers to be)

But, frankly, the biggest reason is how accessible Button Shy has made the process. The hardest part was joining their discord server. Button Shy made it easy to find and sign up for the projects.

My gaming life has changed a lot over the years. For a variety of reasons, mostly moving to different cities, I don’t have a regular group. However, gaming finds a way. And this has been a fun way.

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