Monday, July 1, 2024

My June PnP

 June ended up being a busy Print and Play month for me. Heck, there’s a chance it will be my heaviest PnP month of the year.

Some of it was because of summer break giving me more time. Some of it was because I was looking at contests and play testing. And if I’m am already doing a lot of printing and laminating, laminating some Roll and Write sheets was just natural.

Beards and Booty

Mysticana (demo version)

Murderers’ Row (Bluey Retheme)

Casinopolis (playtest prototype)

Guards & Goblins (2024 9-Card Contest)

The Star Speaker (2024 9-Card Contest)

Wayfarer’s Tale: The Lonely Isle

Dice Fishing D6

Around the World in 10-15 Minutes + expansions

Everest 1924

Bake and Sale

Space Alone - B&W basic boards 

Malta Convoy

Logicards (2024 9-Card Contest)

Nintle (2024 9-Card Contest)

Tanuki Matsuri

Habits (2024 9-Card Contest)

Spore (2024 9-Card Contest)

Simply Solo #8 (play test version)

My ‘big’ project was originally Beards and Booty, which was a surprisingly fun game. However, I’d also count the Mysticana demo deck as a big project as well. The play test prototypes also edge into that territory.

But I did a bunch of smaller, often quirkier projects. Which was quite fun. I used to add an asterisk to laminating a R&W sheet because there wasn’t any real construction involved. I no longer do that because the quality of a game doesn’t depend on the amount of work you put in.

Beards and Booty, for example, just required me to laminate a variety of play sheets for the different characters and beasts. But the actual game play is jolly fun. I will get plenty of play out of it.

I also did a lot of prep work for projects that I didn’t finish. When life is busier and crazier, I will be glad to have PnP games where most of the work is already done.

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