Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Campaign for Name of God ends with a ton of extra goodies

The Kickstarter for the Name of God has come to a close and it has passed and flying colors. Tons of stretch goals were met which means that The second addition is going to be light years past what the first edition was.

(I am, of course, taking it on faith that, now that the campaign is done, everything else falls into place. Lord knows that doesn't always happen. Still, I'm willing to trust Piroddi)

Man, for as much as I have blogged about this game, you would think that I had stock in it.

The first edition was a one page PDF that you could cut into eight cards with black and white clip art. And half of those cards were the rules. Which is cool from a minimalist design standpoint (How small can you make an RPG and still have it be meaningful/interesting/any good?) but the second edition is going to have a lot more content.

It's going to have better artwork and you'll have the option of having it either regular card-sized or tarot-sized. (Okay, I really don't care about the different sizes)

And of course, what is really exciting, there are going to be at least eighteen more cards, all designed by different indie designers. (Seriously, I've heard of some of them and I wouldn't call myself an authority of indie games)

If you are coming from an old school, D&D is your RPG of choice, the fetish cards are your classes. If you are new school, they are your narrative direction. At any rate, having at least twenty-two to pick from rather than four is a LOT more content and replay value.

I will be following Piroddi's updates with a lot of interest. I get the impression he will do good job keeping backers up-to-date, which is something I enjoy. (That's a big part of why C. S. Ferguson gets me as a regular backer)

I'm also looking into some of his other designs. Piroddi designed a version of the Fate system that is both GM-free and designed for campaign play. I've got to see how he did that!

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