Friday, March 25, 2016

Would I print and play more if I lived in Australia?

I've been interested in print and play for years. For me, it's been a niche in my personal hobby. It's become more of a focus over the last couple years but I don't think it will be ever central to my gaming life.

However, I also live in the US. That's not quite the center of the gaming universe but it's pretty darn close. We have a lot of homegrown companies and a good chunk of the European releases make it over here within a year via local distributors.

But over the years, I've read about how expensive if it is to get games in some regions. (Yes, Australia, I'm looking at you) 

if I lived in Australia, which is not going to happen, even though I do have family there and I think the Wiggles are some of the greatest children's entertainers in the world, would print and play be a much bigger part of my hobby?

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