Saturday, July 2, 2016

Elevenses-For-One, surprisingly fun for organizing a tea cart

My recent kick of making Print-and-Play solitaire games got started with Elevenses-For-One, the thematic sequel to Elevenses, which I've never actually played.

11s-4-1 (an abbreviation that makes the game sound like its about filling out tax forms) was well regarded as a Print-and-Play, nominated for a Golden Geek in 2014. So I made sure to download the files for my records. However, when it got Kickstarted, I decided it was time to take a closer look.

Thirteen cards, including the two timer cards. Cut out the cards and laminate them, boom, done. Low ink images, five minutes of crafting and probably not even a quarter's worth of materials. And there not even any extra parts like dice or tokens.

In 11a-4-1, you play the role of an Edwardian maid who has to get a tea cart ready in fifteen minutes. Which reminds me that I still haven't made good on my promise to my mom to watch Dowton Abbey.

Two of the cards serve as a timer and the number 1 card, the tea trolley, acts as a place holder for stacking the cards. The actual gameplay is made up of the other ten cards, makes 2 to 11. You're trying to put them in numeric order after shuffling them into a row. They all have special powers, some of which will hurt you. You rearrange the cards by doing things like discarding them or flipping them over to use their powers or actually adding them to the stack. Most actions will tick the clock down a notch.

The game will end with either the clock running out or getting all the cards down, with your score based on how many cards you stacked up and how much time you have left.

It amuses me that, when you strip away the hoighty toighty theme and the special powers of the cards, you have the perfectly standard solitaire framework of putting cards in order. Not that that is a bad thing. A solid foundation is important.

And, while solitaire games aren't really my thing, I found 11s-4-1 to be an interesting little five-minute puzzle. Fun and easy to craft and amusing to play.

I don't see myself buying the game when it comes out in punished form but I figure I will keep playing it occasionally.

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