Friday, July 1, 2016

Thoughts on winnowing my game collection

For maybe have of my time being into designer board games, I was a compulsive game buyer, borderline game hoarder. For the second half, I've been winnowing and purging my collection.

A huge reason I needed to purge my collection was just for the room. Getting a family meant just having enough for the cats to squeeze by was not nearly enough room :D

Before our son was born, I remembering hearing a coworker's husband complain about his basement den. It had been a shrine to his favorite baseball team and, after the kids, it had shrunk to one pennant on the wall. He kept asking when he would get his sports den back. The answer was never.

At the time and still now, I don't view that as a cautionary tale as much as I view it as a realistic way of viewing the world. Your home has to reflect your priorities.

But game purging is about more than just square feet. Back in the day, a game would be lucky to get one play before it got shoved back into the closet so I cold try out a new one. 

Some of my friends did say they got the most amazing crash course in game mechanics imaginable but you definitely don't get your money's worth out of a game that way. You also don't get to really to explore or understand a game very well. 

And I'm pretty sure that hoarding is never a healthy mindset unless it's after the apocalypse.

Game purging has been a fascinating journey in and of itself. Plus, it definitely feels healthier than the hoarding phase. 

I'm getting ready to do another push because we want to give our som more closet space. (Yes, I annexed the closet in my son's room. I'm a terrible person :P) Every time, it's an interesting process.

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