Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Game storage solutions

In addition to flat out getting rid of games as part of making room in my son's closet, I've also gotten into the habit of just getting the boxes. That does kill the resale value so I try to stick to games that I'm not planning on getting rid of.

Let's face it, some game boxes hold a lot more air than game. One of the more extreme examples for me is Augustus. Definitely a game that I want to keep but it took up a fraction of its Ticket to Ride-sized box. It now shares a box with Blue Moon City and Paris Connections. Three games I know I want to keep on playing that take up a third the storage space.

The downside is that I have to consult a chart to find some game :D

The single biggest boon was buying a couple of cases of photo boxes. Carrie  originally for me as a storage solution for Dominion but Dominion spread out over a whole bunch of little boxes proved to be a logistical pain. However, each individual box works just fine for individual games. You know, as long as they can fit.

Which is a surprising number of games, quite frankly. I've filled two cases with games, which has made for a dandy storage solution, not to mention a fairly portable game library. Although, at the moment, my plastic case of Pack O Game games has been my traveling library, since it'll fit in a large pocket.

Of course, a side effect of this is I have to be careful where I store these games. Condensing makes the boxes a lot heavier!

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