Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Going back to the Indie Megamix Mixtape

It's been a while since I looked at the Indie Megamix Tape, a three Volume set of micro RPGs that was created to raise money for indie designers who need medical help. My personal experience taught me not to binge but treat every game as a separate experience and spread out reading them.

Even so, I did get burned out after reading the first ten games on the first 'tape' so I took a break. After all, the games aren't going anywhere and they are all short enough that if I want a little RPG reading fix, I can spend a few minutes looking over one.

Nobody Wanna See Us Together is a two-page exercise in narrative role playing. Two players play lovers or friends or partners and everyone else plays folks who want to see them broken up.

I'm not going to go into the mechanics, which are minimal, since the entire thing is only two pages long so I'd basically just reciting the entire game. You play out a series of scenes with 'friends' talking to one of the lovers, the lovers alone together or the lovers against the world.

The rules make it clear that it doesn't have to be lovers. It could be any relationship, even a warrior and their magic sword. And, unlike some tiny rule sets, I believe that of Nobody Wanna See Us Together. The framework will work with any of those combinations.

I'll be honest. While I liked some of the structure of Nobody Wanna See Us Together, I wasn't left with any interest in playing it. On the other hand, I am interested in using the structure for writing. So I definitely got something out of reading it. 

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