Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Play the game you have or spend time looking for another?

There've been a number of threads of Boardgame Geek about managing your game collection. Actually, there are threads about that almost all the time. And it's been an ongoing concern for me, in part because my collection got out of hand and I've spent years both purging and cutting back on buying.

The driving forces behind me getting my collection under control have the space and money more than anything else. Mental health too. However, time has also been a big influence as well.

At the height of my collection's size, it was blatantly clear that I was never going to play all of my own play games, let alone play too many of them more than once.

The real value, monetarily speaking, have a board game is in how often you play it. I like to use a movie ticket as a yardstick for value per minute. There are some games, that I have played a lot, like Ticket to Ride, that have ended up having a fantastic return value. But I ended up taking a loss on all too many games.

A game that brought the time value of a game collection to the forefront of my mind is Quicksand. It's a so-so game but it's one that's worked well with casual gamers so it's hit the table a surprising number of times.

I am sure that there are other games that would also shine with casual gamers and non-gamers and I am sure that some of those games are better than Quicksand. However, I already own Quicksand and have experience with it.

There is a got of catch them all element to buying lots of boardgames. There's also the desire to find the very best games. After all, life is short so why waste it with mediocre games?

However, you can end up spending a lot of time chasing that mythical perfect game. Having something tried and true and reliable so you can just spend time playing games ends up being a very good thing.

While I am currently taking a hiatus  from buying games, I know that I will, of course, and up buying more games. I do have games that I am very happy with but there is always the desire to experience more. But I want playing to be my real focus

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