Friday, March 2, 2018

Crafting a game just to make the pieces

When I first looked at the Dungeon Sprint, it didn’t interest me at all. A one-page, minimalist dungeon crawl that looks like a luck fest with uneven special powers for the different classes. It doesn’t look like the worst dungeon crawl I’ve ever seen but I have seen better ones and better one-page ones. (The Delve series and even the Sword of Valhalla that I think has definite issues are the first that come to mind)

Dungeon crawls really aren’t my thing and Carrie, my wife, is even less into them. Since they are kind of common PnP, I have started looking at them more but I look for ones that have solitaire options, which Dungeon Sprint definitely does not have.

Then, the one review noted that you could replace the chits with plastic miniatures or paper standees. And I found myself thinking about how I’ve never tried to make paper standees. And I wondered how it would work out if I used a laminator and a bone folder.

So I’m planning on making a copy of Dungeon Sprint, which really just means laminating the board, to justify trying out making some standees. 

But, but, couldn’t I just make the standees and skip making a board? 

Well, yeah. Technically. But actually making it a part of a game, part of a project means I’m more likely to actually do it :D

I am breaking one of my personal rules. I really am trying to just craft games that I both think will be fun and I really think will get played. I don’t think Dungeon Sprint fits either category for us. 

However, the side effect of making standees, really any three-dimensional shape for a game, made me to decide to craft it anyway. (Really, I’ll just laminate the board and make the standees. The standees are the real work)

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