Friday, March 16, 2018

Gaming at the local store

I’ve been meaning to go to our friendly local gaming shop for open gaming and I finally got around to it. 

One of the dangers with going to an open gaming event is actually finding an open game. A couple folks remembered me from RinCon, the friendly local gaming convention, so I got a spot at that table when one opened up. 

The game I sat down to, and my big game for the day, was Colosseum, which I haven’t played since it first game out. It always struck me as having a similar feel to Princes of Florence but I’ve barely played that game too.

The weirdest thing about the game is the score isn’t cumulative. Five rounds and you don’t add the points up. Whichever round you score the most points, that’s your score. Period. I can’t think of another game like that. But it does allow for some crazy, come-from-behind comebacks.

After that, I pulled out my copy of For Sale and we got in a few games of it before it was time for me to go. 

You know, I have two go-to quick auction games (three, if you count GEM from Pack O Games but I tend to just bring the whole box along): For Sale and High Society. And they have such different feels. For Sale, everyone gets something every round. Happy times. High Society, you try and skin each other alive.

My current way of thinking is take For Sale to get to know people. It a great game, easy to teach and everyone has fun. When you know them, _then_ pull out High Society >:)

Anyway, good times and I met some folks who I want to play with again.

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