Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Print and play Beer and Pretzel game

This is my personal definition of a Beer and Pretzels game: a game where everyone is talking smack. 

Sure, it has to be easy to learn and fun and funny but there are plenty of non-Beer and Pretzels games like that. For me, you need some good natured in-your-face. Wikipedia mentions Bohnanza as a Beer and Pretzels game but not in my book.

I realized I really haven’t crafted many Beer and Pretzel games, although my focus on solitaire hasn’t helped. Still, I’m not sure what PnP games really fit my bill.

I do have the Dragon Magazine archives, which I bought ages ago which means I also bought PDFs of the board games that were occasionally inserts in Dragon. In the name of Beer and Pretzels, I’m planning on crafting some of them.

Even though I own the Steve Jackson boxed version, I’m starting with Snits Revenge because I should finally play the darn game after all these years and I can make a better board than the flimsy paper thing in the box. And it’s fits the Beer and Pretzel mold and it’s for two players, which isn’t the number I usually associate with Beer and Pretzels games.

Look, a major reason that I play games is to relax and to blow off steam. And sometimes, having the fun of beating the tar out of each other is a good way of blowing off steam.

I do enjoy is zen-like, meditative games. I have crafted quite a few of them. And they are definitely a great way for giving my brain a coffee break. However, I think we also need the other end of the spectrum.

Honestly, I don’t have a _real_ reason to look for Beer and Pretzel PnP. I have plenty of copies of published games that fit the bill. But I’m having fun crafting games so I’m looking for some.

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