Wednesday, August 1, 2018

My July PnP

I knew that the summer was going to be a dead time for PnP crafting for me. And, in particular, I knew July would be bad since we’d be traveling for half of it. (I wondered that might give me a chance to play a variety of solitaire games but it really didn’t. Thank goodness for Onirim) 

I thought about crafting a quick nine-card game, just to get in some crafting in July. But I couldn’t find the energy and enthusiasm. It wouldn’t have been fun, just drudgery for no good reason. Which kind of defeats the idea of this as a hobby.

So I was ready to just post a blog that said ‘Nope. Didn’t make nothin’.’

Then I realized it would be fun and amusing to make the laziest PnPs I could. There are a number of games that just involving printing out one sheet of paper with no cutting or pasting. I don’t consider just printing them out to be PnP crafting but I do consider laminating those pages to be the minimum for me to call it PnP crafting.

So, on July 30, I fired up the laminator and laminated copies of 30 Rails, Hall of the Dwarven King, the new art version of Recycle Route, Scissor Fight and Napoleon and His Marshals: The Dice Game.

I don’t know when, if ever, I’ll play Napoleon and his Marshals but I like the idea of a ‘full’ war game where I just have to make the board and add dice to make it work. On the other hand, I am looking forward to getting in more plays of 30 Rails. It’s a minimalist game in almost every way and so good. I want to play it enough that I feel like I can review it and then play it some more.

And I am very curious about Scissor Fight. The idea of a game where you’re cutting out shapes to put into outlines is very interesting but I don’t know how well it will work in practice. The rules do seem to cover all the loopholes I could think of. Might be a good hand-eye coordination activity when our son gets a little better with scissors.

What does make me happy is that I didn’t craft these games to fulfill some imaginary quota but because I’m actually interested in them.

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