Monday, July 30, 2018

I had this many games in storage?!

When we made our move across the country, from Chicago to Tucson in the middle of a particularly severe winter with an almost newborn baby, things were a little frantic and crazy. I have a vague memory of giving my parents a few games to store.

On our recent trip to different family homes, I decided to take a peek in their storage room. This is what I remember: I gave them Space Hulk (third edition), Mexical and Hansa. What I found were five of those big blue IKEA bags full of games.

First thought: Wow! Games! Second thought: Cheese and rice, I really am such a game hoarder. Third thought: You know, there are some really good games here.

I didn’t have the space and definitely not the time to look through the bags. I was still able to see some of the top boxes and I was surprised and happy to see that I still technically own Die Macher and Primordial Soup. 

I still don’t remember packing all those bags, although I can absolutely see the methodology that went through my mind when I did it. I clearly focused on longer, heavier games and big boxes. Games I knew I wouldn’t have time to play with a small child and games that we wouldn’t have the space for.

Finding this treasure trove was like looking a snapshot of the gamer I used to be, more visceral than an actual photo would be. Not the longer or heavier game part. If I can schedule time at a convention, I will happily play those games. No, it was a vivid reminder of when I just accumulated games voraciously, when I was a true game hoarder.

Without making any kind of detailed inventory, I know there are games that would not survive one of my more recent purges. I saw a shrink-wrapped copy of Wattsalpoag Games’ Jet Set. I don’t think that would survive in my collection at home. (Although now I want to play it)

That said, it was really cool to find this forgotten treasure trove of games. It reminded me of when being a gamer was all about finding endless new experiences. I know now that that isn’t a sustainable way to game but it had its rewards.

At some point, when we have the time and the space, it will be like getting a whole new game closet to explore.

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