Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Oh, I didn’t lose these games after all

This blog entry was originally going to be about how I lost my fidget box when we went out of town for a night. But then it turned into it to have just gotten mixed in with the dirty laundry :D

Of course, by then, I had already printed out almost all the sheets of cards :D

Still, it was an interesting experience. If I had lost my fidget box, I’d have lost my current copies of Elevenses for One, Akur-Gal, the nine card beta of I Am Lynx, a slimmed down version of Down, my 2/3 player deck of Autumn and Murderer’s Row.

So, nine pages of cards. Even including the plastic case I carried everything in, the material costs would be under three dollars, most of that laminating sheets. And if I did the cutting and laminating in one sitting, it would probably be two hours of crafting.

In other words, the actual loss was an annoyance at worst and an incentive to do some crafting at best. The real problem was that we had forgotten anything at all. After all, it would be a big deal if we lost something that was actually important and hard to replace, like our phones.

In fact, this had been a kick in the pants to actually do some crafting and that push has fizzled out. And that is a small price to pay for the reassurance that we actually are functioning adults who don’t lose random things on an overnight trip.

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