Friday, July 13, 2018

Games that burned fast and bright for me

There’s a tiny handful of games for me that saw a brief flurry of heavy play and then basically disappeared.

Truth to tell, there are far too many  games I’ve only played once and am likely to never play again. There’s plenty of games that have gotten played periodically. And a decent number that have seen a lot of play.

However, Ablaze, Knockabout and Modern Art the Card Game all had about a month or so of almost weekly play and then they vanished to the back of the game closet. They burned fast and bright.

And I’d cheerfully play any of them again. I’d definitely call Knockabout and MAtCG solid games, B+. Not immortal classics that are guaranteed to be played a hundred years from now but games I’d be cheerfully wiling to play. Ablaze isn’t as strong but it’s the one game that’s actually come back out so I could explore it’s solitaire options. And I’d still cheerfully play it with other people :D

Frankly, I’ve played worse games more. What stands out about these three games is that they fit a pattern of playing that isn’t my usual pattern of playing.

The next time I go to a gaming event, I should pack Modern Art the Card Game.

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