Monday, July 16, 2018

Good bye fun campaign

It is time I accepted it. The most recent D&D campaign I’ve been in has fizzled out.

Moment of silence.

Okay. What did I get out of it? It was my first experience with Roll20 and it was my first experience with fifth edition, outside of being in a play testing group. I got to virtually hang out with three old frIends who I haven’t had a chance to hang with in years and meet some other cool folks.

I got a Hell of a lot of it.

We had a total of fourteen sessions (I counted) and I only missed one of them. We were third level and fourth was clearly in sight. (Our DM used milestones instead of tracking experience points but we just saved our Viking village from demons and actually got tokens of esteem so that sure looked like a milestone to me)

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I wish the campaign would keep going. Beyond being a lot of fun and letting me hang out with distant friends, we were just hitting the point where we were really starting to be heroes and deciding where we wanted the story to go.

Still, it was a campaign that was played over three different time zones and where a good chunk of the players were parents (one of the key concepts for the campaign was adult responsibilities had to come first. And, yes, I can’t say that about every game I’ve been in) Running from April to January, I’d say we had a good run.

Good night, Late Lurkers. May we eventually rise again.

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