Friday, July 20, 2018

Trying out on an airplane tray

I often use an airplane tray as my standard unit of measure for game footprints. Although, I guess the basic idea is if a game can be played on a airplane tray at all :D Okay, two airplane trays are also worth considering as a viable play area.

Anyway, on a recent trip, I made sure to bring my fidget box of solitaire games along to test them out on airplane trays and airplane travel in general.

Some games were clearly out. Autumn, a tile laying game, was clearly not going to fit. The only tile laying game I’ve played lately that might have worked is Orchard and I didn’t bring my copy along. 

Other games were flat out cheats. I tried both Down and I Am Lynx but those are games meant to be played with the cards in your hands at all times. The airplane tray didn’t come into it but I still had to do it, just to give the fidget box a proper workout.

The real test was Elevenses for One, although I also tried out Murderer’s Row. I knew my copy of Murderer’s Row, with its half-size cards, would work. If a tray couldn’t hold that, it couldn’t hold a beverage with a complimentary bag of peanuts.

As it happened, my ginger ale did get in the way of Elevenses for One but not enough that I couldn’t play it. It would have been kind of easy to play on a completely empty tray.

None of this was a surprise, of course. But it was nice to make a turn of phrase into reality.

Post Script: Carrie noted that the trays on our second flight were smaller and that’s the one I used for games. So it would have been even easier to game on the first flight.

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