Monday, July 2, 2018

My June Print and Play

It’s July and it’s time for me to look at my June PnP crafting. Let’s see, I made Too Many Chefs, Cryptic, Goblin Mountain, a smaller copy of Down that would fit in my fidget box and the free version of Village Pillage.

And that was done in pretty much two sessions in the same week. Frankly, I knew that summer was going to be really busy so the fact that my productivity in this area is at a low is neither a surprise or a disappointment. 

I enjoy PnP and I get a lot back from PnP but, to be honest, it’s the first thing on the chopping block when there’s a time management issue. And just because I didn’t get a lot of crafting in doesn’t mean I didn’t get in a decent amount of playing. (Crafting is great but games are meant to be played)

In actuality, I am glad to have gotten Village Pillage crafted. As a regular-sized card game, it was a big build for me under the circumstances :D 

I am also curious about Cryptic. A nine-card party game, one that could fit in a lot of wallets, seems like a cool idea. I’m surprised that I hadn’t heard about it earlier, although any party game driven by creativity will sink or swim depending on its audience.

Honestly, I won’t be surprised if June is my best month for crafting this summer. And, frankly, that’s beyond fine. Even if I don’t craft anything else this year, it’s been a great year for PnP for me.

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