Friday, November 1, 2019

My October PnP

Okay, here’s my October list:

Loot Boxer 

October was a crazy busy month and I wasn’t sure that I was going to get any Print and Play crafting done. In fact, I printed out one of the play sheets for Loot Boxer and laminated it just to make sure I made something in October.

However, at pretty much the last minute, I threw together a copy of Xscape, which had been on my list to make sometime or another. i had already printed and cut the pieces so it was a quick and dirty project to get done at the eleventh hour.

And I have to admit that the biggest drive to make Xscape was so that I continued my plan of making one ‘big’ project a month. Sometimes that been at least one a month but as life has gotten more hectic, it’s really bee making just one.

I made the black and white ashcan version (It takes a lot more for me to decide not to make the simplest version of a game. Toner is precious) At three pages of components with fifteen tiles and four cards, Xscape is pretty much the bare minimum for what I’d consider a ‘big’ project. Still, it just barely squeaks in.

Frankly, I’m more likely to  play Loot Boxer than I am Xscape. But I am glad that I made it. Sometimes, just the act of making something is good.

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