Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The usual Boardgame Burnout

Ah, it’s that time again. The time when I get kind of burnt out on gaming. Really, while it happens under different circumstances, it’s been happening to me for years. The only real change is what I’m still doing. (Years ago, it was playing only Button Men online)

I have long stopped worrying that I’m actually in danger of giving up gaming. Life is a series of peaks and valleys and life. If life were a flat line, I’m pretty sure you’re doing something unhealthy.

I can trace it back to the start of October. I had my big convention experience of the year, which was very good. And, after that, I was apparently sated.

But one thing I’ve tried hard to do is still do at least one ‘real’ Print and Play project a month. Yeah, that’s my one hold out from burn out. As much as I do enjoy crafting, didn’t expect that.

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