Thursday, January 2, 2020

A game that takes out the Roll and is just Write

Golf! from the 2019 Print and Play Solitaire Contest was one of those print and play projects that took five minutes to print, laminate and play so, of course, I had to. One side of the page is the rules and the other is the play sheet. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

The board consists of an 18 hole golf course. With each hole, you put your dry erase maker on the tee, close your eyes and try to draw a line to hole. Your score for each hole is the number of lines you had to draw and the number of water fouls and sand pits you hit. Just like real golf, you want a low score.

It’s a slight, silly little concept that has this one redeeming quality. It is actually evocative of golf. I have played golf-themed games that use dice or cards that didn’t actually give any sense of golf. But Golf!’s playing around with physical space actually has a feel of golf. And that’s enough for me to enjoy playing the game.

Here’s the thing. I have played the exact same game only called Par-Out Golf. And, frankly, that version was better with a separate board for each hole. It has richer artwork and more complex holes.

But... I have never even seen a physical copy of Par Out Golf, just played the app which is no longer supported and the three demo pages. And if I ever saw a copy for sale, it would probably cost more than I’d be willing to pay for. Golf!, on the other hand, is readily available in its entirety and that counts for a lot.

Golf! isn’t for everybody, not for a lot folks really.  But it is fun for those who it is for and an easy little project for those folks to make.

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