Thursday, January 16, 2020

I _finally_ try Qwixx

A few years ago, I made a homemade copy of Qwixx. Then I found an unopened thrift copy and picked that up. So, of course, I don’t actually get around to playing it until I buy the app :P

In a sentence, Qwixx felt to me like Lost Cities the Dice Game. And I know there is actually more than one version of that game officially and unoffically out there. I’ve played some of them. Still, Qwixx captured that idea very well for me, perhaps better than those other games.

Over the last couple years, I’ve started really exploring Roll and Writes. I’ve learned that that can have it’s a form that can have depth and complexity and really embrace theme. A Roll and Write can tell a story and have the oomph of a game with lots of pieces. 

Qwixx so does not fit into that box. This is a simple game with no theme that’s all about the numbers. It’s all about the bell-shaped curve of two six-sided dice.

But that is not me bashing it. Quite the opposite, this is a very good game. It is a very simple game but simple doesn’t mean that the game is either bad or was easy to design. In this case, simple means they pared the decisions down to the absolute basic concept. And it works.

Qwixx is just about the opposite of everything I’ve been exploring in Roll and Writes. It has no theme. It has no dice manipulation. And it’s actually been published :P (Thanks to Kickstarter, a surprisingly high number of designs don’t remain unpublished) You just cross off numbers.

And I like it!

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