Wednesday, January 1, 2020

My December PnP

December. Wrapping up my 2019 Print and Play projects. This is what I made in December:

13 Sheep
Criss Cross
Goblin’s Breakfast
Button Men
High North - Cold War (2019 9 Card Contest, withdrawn)
Bad Letters (2019 9 Card Contest)
Word Chain (2019 9 Card Contest)
Goko no Saikoro
No Dice
Solitaire Spellbook Swapping (2019 Solitaire Contest)
Golf! (2019 Solitaire Contest)

I managed to keep up my goal of making a ‘big’ project each month by making Goblin Breakfast, which was also one of the bigger projects I made in 2019. It looks like a pretty decent Beer and Pretzels game. (At some point, I want to think about how reasonable to would be to have a collection made entirely of PnP games)

I actually made copies of 13 Sheep to include in Christmas cards, which is why I made more copies of it. I made more Button Men cards and Criss Cross plays sheets to use empty space in laminating sleeves.

Beyond that, I made a bunch of little projects that just interested me. 

2018 was the year my interest in PnP really exploded. I had made plenty of stuff before then but 2018 saw me actively not just making stuff but playing it. On the other hand, 2019 was all about honing my PnP hobby, doing more planning ahead and focusing on making games I can see getting played.

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