Monday, June 29, 2020

Does a Nero Wolfe RPG already exist?

He’s an agoraphobic genius and gourmet who can solve any mystery without leaving his desk. He’s a wiseacre hardboiled detective who actually goes out and gets the clues. Together, they fight crime... for a fee.

I am a big fan of the Nero Wolfe stories and I’ve been falling back on them for comfort reading while the world has been upside down. (And fine, quality comfort reading it is!) Let’s face it. Nero Wolfe is serious escapist reading. Nero Wolfe lives in a luxurious brownstone, eats over-the-top gourmet meals, never has to leave the house, has a greenhouse that rivals most botanical gardens and always gets the murderer.

I feel like there must be a solid two-person Nero Wolfe RPG out there with one person taking the Wolfe role and someone else taking the Archie Goodwin role.

In my mind’s eye, I picture the players taking turns being the GM. The Archie player creates a client and the Nero player has to interview them. The Nero player has to create investigation scenes that the Archie player has to deal with suspects and clues. A final scene back in the brownstone office where the two players work together to put everything into an explanation.  Maybe players have clue tokens they exchange in order to keep the tempo going.

The thing is, I’m sure this system exists. I’m not saying someone who is much better than I am at game design should go out and make it. I’m saying I think it is already out there, minus the Nero Wolfe theme, and I just can’t place it.

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