Monday, June 1, 2020

My May PnP

May was a month for Print and Play for me. After I didn’t do that much in April, Print and Play crafting became a lot more of a stress reliever for me. While a lot of what I made just involved laminating Roll and Write sheets, May will probably end up being the high water mark for number of games I craft in 2020.

Here’s what I made:

Alien Horde
And Time Passes
Mushroom Ale (Legends of Dsyx)
Super-Skill Pinball: Carniball
Tower of Mages (Legends of Dsyx)
Nytelyfe Solitaire
Bandido Covid-19
Lost Artifact (2018 Solitaire Contest)
Micro Rome w/Aegyptus expansion
ColorCombo demo
Dobbler Demo
Thunder Visitors
Kingdom Maps
Rolling Village
Goblins, Guns and Grog (Legends of Dsyx)
Fairy Fair (Legends of Dsyx)
Derelict Dirigible (Legends of Dsyx)
Lockpicks (Legends of Dsyx)

One of my monthly goals is to make at least one ‘big’ project. Since I am a lazy crafter, my threshold for a larger project is at least three pages worth of components. This month, three projects counted for that: Alien Horde, Bandido Covid-19 and Micro Rome when you include the expansion. (Yes, I remade the base game so I wouldn’t have to sort out the expansion cards if I just wanted to play the base game)

However, what might have been my big accomplishment for the month was laminating all of the Legends fo Dsyx games I hadn’t already laminated. I’d been spacing out laminating them but I decided that I should stop doing that so I can work on actually playing them.

As usual, the next goal is to actually play some of these games :D

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